How do students access their EPP portals to take HubSpot Certifications?

Students with access to an EPP portal will be able to earn any HubSpot Certification for free.

  1. Portal:
    Check that you are in your EPP portal (sometimes you might have more than one HubSpot account) by following this guide.

  2. Settings: Check that you have the right settings for students (which saves time upfront).

  3. Users:
    Check to see if the student is already in the portal or needs to be added:
    1. If they are already in the portal (by searching under "Users"), ask your students to log in with their email address associated with the portal. Then they will select the EPP portal hub ID (in case they have multiple HubSpot accounts), and then they can navigate to the HubSpot Academy app by clicking the top right corner of the HubSpot software and selecting "HubSpot Academy" from the dropdown. You can send your students these PowerPoint instructions just in case.
    2. If they aren’t a user in the portal, you can add them by following this guide and sending them these PowerPoint instructions.

Want to see if your students completed their certification? You can either track their progress or have students send you a URL of their earned certificates.