How do I create a "student" user role with the correct permissions?

Creating a "student" role ahead of time will allow you to assign the correct settings and permissions to all students at once (versus each individual student).

Note: You can create custom roles with different permissions and names. 


Video Tutorial


Step-By-Step Written Instructions Tutorial

Before starting, double check that you are in your EPP portal (default name "" which you can learn how to rename here)

1. While logged into your EPP portal, navigate to the gear icon in the top right corner. 

2. Click on Users & Teams on the left bar.

3. Click on the third tab from the left named Roles.

4. Click the orange button on the right named Create Role.

5. Type the name of the role such as "student" under Name.

6. Click on each of the tabs and decide which permissions would be best to assign to a student. For example, we recommend providing students the ability to "publish" and "write" blogs, landing pages, and emails. If you are adding other admins, you may wan to turn the Account Access toggle on under the Account tab. Watch the above video for a walkthrough of all of the recommended permissions. 

7. Click save and you now have created a "student" role!


👉Tip #1: If you notice your students in the future are running into limitations in the software, it is most likely due to a permissions setting. 

👉Tip #2: For Marketing Hub in the software, all students can be assigned these settings. For some of the permissions for Sales and Service hub, only 20 seats are available in an Enterprise portal. For more information on Sales and Service seats and how to request for more, click here.


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