How do I add students as users to my Education Partner Program portal?

Adding students to your portal provides them access to the Enterprise tools they need to complete assignments, certifications, and create content. This also provides you the visibility to track your students' progress.

Note:  If you plan to have students work in groups, you may want to also consider creating teams to organize the users you will be adding and utilizing "asset partitioning" to decide who can see and edit which assets (see the bullet point Restrict new content to their creators and their teams in the asset partitioning article). 


Video Tutorial

1. Watch this video

2. Send your students this PowerPoint after adding them to your portal. It includes instructions on what to expect and what steps they should take to activate their account.


Step-By-Step Written Instructions Tutorial

Before starting, double check that you are in your EPP portal (default name "" - if you want to rename your portal to reflect your class or institution, follow these instructions to rename it here)  

1. While logged into your EPP portal, navigate to the gear icon in the top right corner. 

2. Click on Users & Teams on the left bar.

3. Click the orange button named Create user on the right side.

4. Add students using either of the below options

Option 1: Using a CSV Excel File - RECOMMENDED

a) Create and populate a CSV excel file with 3 columns labeled "First Name", "Last Name", and "Email Address". Save the file as ".csv" on your computer.

b) In the HubSpot portal, under Or create multiple users at once, click on the A CSV file icon and either drag and drop or click choose a file. Select your populated CSV file.  

c) After uploading your CSV file, under Email Column, click the dropdown box and select Email Address to correspond with your CSV file's email address column. Click the Next button on the bottom right corner.


Option 2: Adding Students Manually

Under Create new users, one at a time., enter the email address(es) into the Add email address(es) field. If you are adding multiple users at the same time, separate each unique email address with a space and then click the Next button on the bottom right corner.

Assigning the Student role

5. Under the Role field, click the dropdown box and select the "student" (or custom) role that you created. If you need to create a role to assign the correct permissions, click here. After you have selected the correct role, click the Next button on the bottom right corner.

Sending invitations to students

6. Send invitations to students by leaving the box blank next to Don't send an email... and click the Send button on the bottom right corner to invite your students instantly to the portal.

Let students know what to expect

7. Email or send your students this PowerPoint of instructions on what to expect and what steps they should take to activate their account.

The students should receive an email from HubSpot welcoming them to your account as a user and prompting them to set their password.  

You can now track your students' progress with certifications and content created in the portal!



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