Get Started

🎉 Welcome to the Education Partner Program! Below are recommended steps to get you and your students set up in the software after being approved into the program.

Like any new account, your portal will be empty and have default settings. Because this is actual business software that you and your students will be using, it's important to set it up for an academic setting to stay organized and save time.

Step 1: Activate your new portal

This should be done with 14 days of being approved but you can resend yourself the activation link if needed.

Step 2: Create a "Student" Permission Set

Creating a "Student" Permission Set will simplify assigning the proper permissions to multiple students when they are added.

Step 3: Add students as users in the portal

Adding students to your portal provides them access to the Enterprise tools they need to complete assignments, certifications, and create content. This also provides you the visibility to track your students' progress.

Ready to assign certifications or an applied learning project?

Check out our recommended list of certifications and examples of how students can practice in the software.


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If you are having trouble with your account after reviewing the above resources, email


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