Where can I find a list of certifications that HubSpot offers and recommendations?

HubSpot Academy has certifications that we update and create constantly.

The best way to see what certifications we have to offer is to go to HubSpot Academy's website and make sure you are viewing "Certifications only", as shown below: 

We've made it easy for you though - just click here



HubSpot Academy offers two different types of certifications:

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1. HubSpot-Agnostic Certifications - these are industry best practices, never have the word "HubSpot" in the title and free for users.

2. HubSpot Software Certifications - these are specific to the HubSpot software, typically have the word "HubSpot" in the title, include practical exercises in the software and usually require a Pro or Enterprise license to compete.*

Though all of our certifications are highly favored, we especially recommend the HubSpot Software Certifications because you and your students receive these for free by being in the Education Partner Program which has both monetary and competitive value when students can add these to their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

These include:

HubSpot Marketing Software

HubSpot Sales Software

HubSpot CMS for Marketers

Contextual Marketing

Service Hub Software

HubSpot Reporting

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*If a professor or student is logged into their Education Partner Program portal, they can take these certifications for free.

➡️ How do I assign certifications to my students?


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