What should I keep in mind when having students create webpages?

We typically encourage professors to have their students create their own landing pages, and NOT their own website. There are nearly unlimited in the amount of landing pages -  they can make (10,000)!


The reason behind this is because the HubSpot portal is designed to accommodate one business. So, there are many tools in the portal that make it easy for your students to build resources for that one business. One such tool is our global header and footers. If you go to almost any website these days, you can trust that the header and footer of the website are the same, regardless of whichever page you're one. In keeping with this example, if you build one website but multiple landing pages (e.g.,one chess club website, with landing pages about the 5 different services or offerings the club has), the headers and footers can remain universal, and everything will look cohesive and refer back to the single website. But, if you ask students to create their own websites with limited guidance, and one student creates one on video games, the other on restaurants, and the other on skincare, you get a pretty messy and incoherent site, with global headers and footers that don't make sense.


For that reason, a pretty universal suggestion we have is for professors to designate the theme of the business or club you'd like them to build a site for, and ask them to go from there. For example, you can ask them to build a tourism website for the city your university is located in, and have one group/student build a "restaurants" page, another a "transportation" page, and so on and so forth.


For more information on websites and landing pages, visit HubSpot Academy.



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