How do I set up a footer for my portal's email and webpages?

Setting up your portal's footer or "company" helps keep the portal in compliance with GDPR and CAN-SPAM, and gives your students the ability to use the email and webpage tools.

Step-By-Step Written Instructions Tutorial

Before adding your students to your account, you’ll want to set up the portal’s “company”.
  1. Navigate to the settings gear on the top right area of the navigation bar.
  2. Click Account Defaults on the left column, and then input your “company’s” information, which can be your university address.
  3. Then scroll down on the left hand column and click Marketing > Email > Configuration and add a footer with the same information.  Here's additional guidance on how to set up the footer.

This will be saved as a default for email and webpage footers for all your students in the portal.



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