Can I see the score my student received on a certification?

No, individual test scores are not available or accessible by others (see some workarounds, below), due to Hubspot Academy’s Terms of Service. However, you should easily be able to see if students have passed - or are working on - a certification in the "My Team" section of HubSpot Academy. For more on how to do that, please read the “How do I track my students' progress with the HubSpot certifications?” article in the Knowledge Base. .

That said, there are a few workarounds to confirming your students’ scores AND confirming that they have passed

  1. Every person that passes the certification receives a badge to include their linkedin profile. You can require that students post this on their LinkedIn profile as proof of completing the certification. We find that this is the best solution, as it signals to employers that they have completed a Hubspot certification.
  2. Every person that passes the certification receives a certificate in .png file format. You could require the submission of this file, via e-mail or blackboard, as confirmation of completion.
  3. Alternatively, you may require a screenshot of certification performance with the number visible. This is currently the only way that you may see a student’s score, not just that they passed.