**What should I know about certifications before assigning them to students?**

We don’t want you to be surprised by anything in the EPP, so make sure to keep this in mind and communicate this to students before assigning certifications:

  • All certifications have transcripts associated with them, so students can watch the video, read the transcript, or both.
  • Students have the option to speed up the videos.
  • A final exam must be completed within a certain time frame, usually around three hours. So, students can open the exam, answer some questions, then return to complete the exam within a set amount of time as long as they do not close out of the window. In addition, after this time expires, students must wait 12 hours before attempting the exam again.
  • The exams show one question on the screen at a time. Students do not have the option to go back to previous questions or review their work before submitting their answers.
  • If students do not pass their certification or do not complete the exam within the allotted time frame, they must wait 12 hours to try again.
  • Whether or not a student passes or fails, they will receive a list of questions they responded to incorrectly and correctly. They should be encouraged to use this as a study guide to improve the next time.