How do I get started with the CMS?

You get our professional CMS, or Content Management System, for free as being a part of this program. So, what does that mean?

HubSpot's CMS Pro, which is the CMS you receive for free as a part of being in this program, allows marketing to take ownership of their website. By leveraging the tools and content creation experience, they can make changes to their website as they see fit, instead of relying on a developer to make simple updates within their own timeframes.

HubSpot CMS allows the marketer to focus on the customer experience, instead of their internal systems.

You'll find the CMS tools under Marketing Tab>Website> Website Pages, Landing Pages, and Blog. 

There are several popular and free or low-cost alternatives to using our CMS and we still encourage you to leverage these in your courses. If you have questions about using our CMS as compared to others on the market, please post them on our community

For more information on our CMS, visit these links: