What are some advanced activities using the software that I can implement in the classroom?

There is plenty that your students can do to take full advantage of the Marketing Pro Trial. Here are just a few.

Import data into your HubSpot account

  • Install the HubSpot tracking code and set up your site domains
    • The HubSpot tracking code helps you monitor your website's traffic. The tracking code is automatically included on HubSpot blog posts, landing pages, and website pages. If you have pages on your website that are not hosted on HubSpot, you must install the HubSpot tracking code to capture analytics for those pages. 
    • Once you've installed the HubSpot tracking code, you may need to do some additional setup to ensure that HubSpot gathers analytics for all of the domains and subdomains on your website. Below, learn how you can change your target domain, add additional site domains, set up cross-domain linking, and limit tracking to specific domains on your site

Create marketing content (Marketing Hub Professional or HubSpot CMS only)

Analyze your marketing performance

Engage with your contacts

  • Get started with conversations
    • With conversations, you can easily communicate with your contacts through email and live chat. Connect a shared inbox for your service team to streamline communication with existing customers, or add a live chat widget to your pricing page so prospects can easily get in touch with your sales team.
  • Create chatflows
  • Create forms

Additional ideas for the classroom (Marketing Hub Professional only)