Can being an Education Partner positively influence my students' chances of employment?

And, how can the EPP help?

Any student that has experience using the tools that HubSpot offers through the Education Partner Program is set up for success in working as a marketer, sales person, or in customer service, given the transferable and work-related knowledge they can acquire through certifications and using our software. 

In fact, we typically recruit for colleges and universities. Visit our EPP-specific jobs portal here.

How can the EPP help your students specifically? We can help put you in touch with Digital Marketing agencies in your area. Just reach out to us, and we're happy to make partnerships where we can. Oftentimes, we find that when universities and agency partners build relationships, it can be mutually beneficial. Our agencies tend to be interested in guest lecturing engagements, project judges, and other HubSpot-specific content.

On the flip side, these agencies oftentimes are looking for graduates to fill marketing coordinate and HubSpot delivery roles—which your certified students could be perfect fits for.