If HubSpot already offers a free CRM, what's so special about the EPP?

So much is special about the EPP! 

We offer all of the following for free (and beyond what HubSpot and HubSpot Academy offers):

  • Teaching Resources such as sample syllabi and projects
  • Access to ALL HubSpot Certifications including HubSpot Software Certifications which requires a Pro or Enterprise subscription (that you and your students receive for free in the EPP)
  • Access to enterprise tools (highest tier of tools that HubSpot offers) as long as it is for academic learning purposes (and not used to run a business). This is several steps above the free version that HubSpot offers and is valued at $6000 month.
  • You can track their certifications progress and have visibility over the content they create in the portal using enterprise tools

If you sign up for the free software (see here), you'll see some of the limitations you'll come up against. One of the only reasons to use the free software over the academic license is if the students need to keep their work (for example, if students decide to monetize their class project).