Should I remove students if they are no longer in my class?

Whether you are looking to better organize your portal or free up some space after students finish your class, this article will provide reasons why you would want to keep vs. remove "former" students in your portal.

"Former" students may be students who are no longer in your class or graduated from your university.
Pros of KEEPING former students in your portal:
  • Students can continue doing work in your portal
  • Students can take more certifications that require Pro or Enterprise subscriptions for free
  • Once students finish the class and are on the job market, they can still access their portfolio of work 
  • Less work for you, the professor, to go in and remove

Pros of REMOVING former students in your portal:

  • Free up space (although most EPs don't reach their limit of 2500 users)
  • Better organize your portal
  • Doesn't affect access to achieved certifications for students
Tip: If you are using your portal to ONLY assign certifications, go ahead and remove former students from your portal. Students will be able to keep their certifications as long as they keep that same email address however they can also transfer an achieved certification by following these steps. Removing students from a portal has no bearing on their access to their achieved certifications. 
How to add and remove users (students) from your portal:
Click HERE for step-by-step instructions