How do I subscribe to communications from the Education Partner Program?

Double check that you have the correct subscription settings so you don't miss out on updates and career opportunities for your students!

Video Tutorial


Step-By-Step Written Instructions Tutorial

1. Navigate to your email inbox.

2. Search for and open a marketing email you've previously received from HubSpot (i.e.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the email where the email footer is and click "Manage preferences"

4. After the Manage preferences webpage has opened, check the box to the left of "Marketing Email | HubSpot Education, Content & Resources" and "Sales Email | One to One" 

Note: We will not send any sales emails, this is just the name of our one-to-one email messaging service that allows us to send individual emails directly to you from our software.


Now that you are subscribed, click here to learn how about how to stay current on news and updates with the Education Partner Program!



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