How do I request a guest speaker for my class?

If you're looking for a HubSpot guest speaker to speak with your students, follow the steps below to request one.

Guest speakers can be a great way for students to strengthen their understanding of the material you are covering in your courses. Depending on the type of guest speaker, they can learn something new in the HubSpot software, a real-life example of a course concept, or ask for advice in a specific career or industry. 

While the EPP team will do everything we can to organize a speaker for your class, please remember that HubSpot speakers are volunteers and we may not be able to fill all requests for our speakers. To request a speaker, please refer to the guide below:

1. Prepare all the information needed to request a guest speaker

    • When: Date, Time, Timezone, and length of talk
    • Where: Virtual or in-person (at this time, all requests can only be virtual)
    • Subject: What specific topic(s) do you want to be covered? Please be more as specific as possible (for example, "email marketing", instead of "marketing")
    • About Your Class: Who is the audience, how many attendees, and what subject is this class (marketing, sales, etc). 
    • Why: Tell us a bit more about why you would like to have a guest speaker and its impact for your students/curriculum 

2. Submit your speaker request on this page:

3. Notify your partnerships manager or the EPP team ( that you've completed step #2 so that we can share the submitted request with others at HubSpot. 


All 3 steps must be completed for our team to source a potential guest speaker for your class or event. Please note that HubSpot guest speakers are volunteers so not all requests will be filled, though we will do our best!