How do I control which content my students have access to in my portal using asset partitioning?

Asset Partitioning gives instructors the ability to control what assets (emails, landing pages, blogs) are visible and editable in the EPP portal by students.

NOTE: This set-up is not needed for students only taking HubSpot Academy certifications (their certifications progress is private to themselves). This set-up is also not required for students working in the portal however can be a helpful tool if you want students to only see and have access to their own created content to not "copy" off other students.



Students added to the portal are like employees added to a company’s HubSpot account. On one hand, you want employees to collaborate on the same marketing campaigns and have accessibility to all information. On the other hand, a company might have both a North America marketing team and a South America marketing team, and it might not make sense for certain assets in the portal to be viewed and shared by both teams.


Asset Partitioning

HubSpot offers a feature called asset partitioning, which allows you as the SuperAdmin user and professor to control what students can and cannot have access to. 

When Asset Partitioning is turned on, all new assets created will only be visible and editable within a team. That means students can create and only see their own emails, landing pages, blogs within their team, HOWEVER Workflows, ads, campaigns, dashboards, etc are seen by all unless you assign workflow to each Student team one-by-one. It is suggested that the "restrict new content" toggle be turned on before any assets are created because any current assets created prior to this feature being turned on will not be partitioned and will have to be partitioned (assigned) manually.

If you want students to only see and have access to their own individual work, you can put students into teams of 1 (though this can be tedious to set-up)

For more information on how to set up asset partitioning for your students, check out this Academy video and Knowledge Base article on what is automatically partitioned and what has to be manually assigned. 


Alternative to Asset Partitioning

Another option is the honor system to minimize set up on your end. Students can see who created what and its contents (and change) BUT you can at least track if a student changed another students' work. For more information on how to track activity, see this article and workflow changes.