What is considered "acceptable use" of the free software HubSpot is giving me?

See below!

In short, you should not use the free software (Growth Stack Enterprise) we give you to help you, your students, or your institution generate revenue or facilitate operations. 

What you can do: 

👍 Use the HubSpot Logo and the Education Partner Program logo in a way that doesn't insinuate or suppose that HubSpot or the Education Partner Program has endorsed your participation in a certain group. However, you must follow the User Agreement for the program

For example, you would not be able to put the HubSpot logo on a presentation given at a conference in a way that infers that HubSpot assisted you in developing your presentation, unless this was actually the case. 


👍 You can use HubSpot's software to learn and teach HubSpot

What you can't do:

👎 Use the software we give you to generate revenue, or to encourage anyone to purchase a product or service.

👎 Use the software we give you to facilitate operations within your educational institution or another entity

👎 Alter the appearance of the Academy Content or remove our name or logo from the Academy Content. “Whitelabeling” is strictly prohibited.

👎 Use Academy Content, the Academic Portal, HubSpot products and the Sprocket Design, the HubSpot logos, and any other trademarks without our prior written permission, except as otherwise set forth in this Agreement (see examples above).

👎 You cannot use the HubSpot Logo or the Education Partner Program logo to endorse a credential, certification, course, or diploma, in such a way that it appears that HubSpot has co-signed or approved the completion of a course of study. 

👎 You cannot use HubSpot to promote your educational institution for purposes of increasing enrollments or interest in any departmental program that is looking to generate revenue. 

👎 You cannot charge students to take HubSpot Certifications. 

Some examples of acceptable use: 

✅ A professor and their students launching a website and business that shares free cooking recipes. 

Since this "business" is a knowledge-share (other examples could be a news website or a website that collects advice and tips), there is no "product" being sold and the knowledge is given out for free to any user.

✅ Working with a non-profit

As long as what students build encourages (but does not demand) donations, and then takes this donation payment process offline, this is fine.

"All of this is free, but we would love a donation" is fine. "We need $X in exchange for a product or service" is not.

Some examples of unacceptable use:

❌ Landing pages with products or a service (with a price and payment link) or emails that lead to a sale. 

This is direct monetization of our software. 

❌ Using HubSpot Software to design your college's Marketing Department website

This directly promotes your department and is considered lead- or revenue-generating, even if indirectly. However, if you had students create a website about their positive experiences as Marketing students at your school, this is considered free content and is in accordance with our acceptable use policy. This is because their assignment is educational in nature and is focused on creating content and not revenue.

❌ Using HubSpot Software to create a ticketing system for IT requests, or creating an internal newsletter for your Marketing Department

This is considered facilitating internal operations and has nothing to do with teaching or learning HubSpot.


For HubSpot brand guidelines, please click here

For a summary of allowable use, please click here.