HubSpot Education Partner Program

The academic software license I got as part of the EPP is about to expire. What do I do?

Restoring or extending your HubSpot academic license if it is expiring soon, or has already expired, is simple

We only extend academic licenses of the HubSpot software for 12 months. So, at some point, your license will expire. You should NOT re-apply for the EPP, since we can renew your license easily.

Has your software already expired? No worries - we can extend it and you will not lose any of your students' work. Please fill out this form.

Shortly prior to your software expiring, the EPP will be reaching out to you to schedule a call and discuss how you've used the HubSpot software in your classes. We hope to use this conversation to gather your feedback, hear your ideas for improving the EPP experience, and let you know about some HubSpot announcements or updates that would excite your students. After that call, we'll renew your software for another 12 months.