How can I learn more about the HubSpot Software before signing up for the EPP?

There are a number of different resources and ways to learn - or learn about - HubSpot.

First of all, software is just ONE of the ways you could benefit from membership in the EPP. If you want to get your hands dirty first and learn about ALL of the resources we can offer, here are some ways to do so:

  • Start a free trial - This 30-day free trial will give you access to our Marketing Software. Through the EPP, you will have access to this same software for a year (or more)
  • Take a look at our blog - Our blog is a great place to find industry news and trends, as well as updates and news about HubSpot's platform. Perhaps most importantly, there are also plenty of tools in our blog that you can share with students to prepare them for internship or job interviews.
  • Visit our Community- The EPP has it's own community with tons of resources to keep you updated on HubSpot announcements, recruiting opportunities for students, and other educational and professional development opportunities.