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Can I see the score my student received on a certification?

This article outlines which information is (and is not) available to faculty about how students have performed on HubSpot certifications.

No, individual test scores are not available or accessible by others. According to HubSpot Academy's Terms of Service (TOS applies to every certification but example available at the bottom of the page here):

"We will not release information about whether or not you have taken a test, how you performed, whether or not you submitted a practicum, or other items related to your certification performance without your permission. This also means that if you are looking to understand how someone else performed on a certification, you’ll have to ask him or her directly..."

If you added your students as users in a single account, you will be able to see whether they have passed a specific certification in the "My Team" section of the Learning Center. You will not be able to see the specific score however.

Every person that passes the certification receives a certificate in .png file format. Many faculty require the submission of this file as confirmation of completion.

Alternatively, some faculty require a screenshot of certification performance with the number visible.