How do I build a website with HubSpot's CMS?

With HubSpot's CMS, your students can learn to build a powerful website that converts leads to clients.

In order to optimize your website for every device and every visitor, we suggest that you and your students take our free course to implement the CMS. 

With our CMS, students can learn to host content with the integrated Design Manager platform. They can also read this article to start building content from scratch with our drag and drop editor or choose a layout from our Template Marketplace. 

Web pages built on HubSpot have a responsive design out of the box, so your website is optimized for every device and every visitor. 

Students can learn how to add calls-to-action and convert your visitors into leads with forms. They can also use smart content to dynamically tailor content to individual visitors based on their location, source, device, language or any other property stored in the HubSpot CRM.