HubSpot Education Partner Program

What is HubSpot's Education Partner Program?

Learn about everything that is available to you as an educator through the Education Partner Program.

About The Education Partner Program (EPP)

The EPP supports educators teaching with HubSpot's software and educational resources.

As you go through the different articles in this Getting Started guide, you'll learn all about what's available through the program and how other faculty have used these resources.

Specifically, EPP supports educators in four different ways:

  • Software: Sales and marketing software 
  • Resources: Syllabi, exercises, certifications, and lesson plans that professors can integrate into their classes.
  • Community: A slack channel with Education Partners from around the world
  • Curriculum Support: Education Partners can get 1:1 help planning their curriculum

Each of these pieces is a building block you can use when building your courses.

Currently there are over 450 colleges and universities from around the world, working together to build great courses in collaboration with each other and HubSpot.

How can the Education Partner Program help?

Think of the EPP like a big buffet. There are no "required" components that members have to use.

You can select from any of the four areas above to supplement your existing courses, or even to build a new one.

Some faculty use articles, examples and guides from our syllabus examples.

Others use the certifications as required viewing or as prep work for a course, or even as a quiz grade.

Still others use the software to create applied learning experiences.

How you use the resources is up to you.