HubSpot Education Partner Program

Using the HubSpot Software in the Classroom

Here is everything you need to know about using the HubSpot software for your courses.

Any great business course combines theory and practice. Another way to consider this is the synthesis of strategy and execution.

For a modern course, execution is inexorably linked to the software professionals use.

HubSpot has both marketing and sales software. Both are free and available for you to use in your courses.

1. Access the software

To get access to and register for the marketing software, follow these instructions

To get access to register for the sales software, follow these instructions.

2. Learn about the software

Once you have gotten access to the software, it's time to learn all about HubSpot.

To see the different ways you can explore the software, check out this article.

3. Add your students as users

The instructions to add your students as users are here.