HubSpot Education Partner Program

Teaching with HubSpot's Certifications

Learn all about HubSpot's certification program, how faculty are using the courses in their programs, and how to assign them to your students.

What are HubSpot Academy certifications?

HubSpot Academy certifications are online courses on various business topics like inbound marketing, sales, content marketing, email and much more.

Each certification contains:

  • A series of classes, presented as videos
  • A multiple choice exam based on the course content
  • Slides and transcripts
  • A study guide
  • Additional resources
  • (sometimes) a practicum component where learners apply why they have learned

Learners who pass the exam are presented with a credential from HubSpot they may add to their resume or Linkedin.

Which Certifications Does HubSpot Offer?

You can find a full list of Academy certifications, and their descriptions, here.

How Can I Use Certifications in My Course?

Below are just a few ways faculty have integrated certifications into their courses (from least to most integrated):

  1. Optional: Offer certifications as an additional resources for self-paced learning
  2. Extra credit: Provide one or several points of extra credit
  3. Pre-work: Students should come to class already certified. This is a great choice for advanced or graduate-level courses, as it sets a solid foundation for the rest of the course.
  4. Course reading/viewing (most popular): Assign the certifications for homework, the same way you might require a textbook or book.
  5. Quiz: Assign the certification as a quiz, worth a percentage of the final grade.

How do I assign the certifications to my students?

Follow these instructions

Do you have any examples of how faculty use certifications?

Sure do:

Debra Zahay-Blatz (Professor, St. Edwards University: How to Apply Digital Certification Content, How to Get Students Certified in Digital Marketing

Lin Humphrey (Assistant Professor, Florida International University): Proving What You Know, In the Classroom and Beyond

Randy Harrison (Senior Affiliated Faculty, Emerson College): HubSpot in Higher Ed: Lessons from the Classroom Part I, Part II