HubSpot Education Partner Program

Help and support for Education Partners

Here are the different ways you and your students can get support for using the HubSpot software and resources in your courses.

For general questions (your own, not students):

Ask a question in the Education Partner Support slack channel. You received an invite when you signed up for the program. If you need help accessing the slack channel, follow these instructions.

You can also submit a request/help ticket by emailing: Please follow the instructions on submitting a help ticket.

For questions about the HubSpot software (you as well as students):

  1. The fastest way to find an answer to a software question is to search Especially with your students, it's valuable to build a habit of self-sufficiency in finding answers to software questions. It will save you a few head-aches, and mirrors how they'll be working in the business world.
  2. If you are unable to find the answer on, you should submit a request/help ticket to following these instructions.

For conversations about course development and strategy:

Please reach out to Isaac Moche ( to set up a call to discuss.