Welcome to the EPP! Step 1 of 4: Activate your NEW Enterprise Software


How to activate your NEW Enterprise software:

1. You will receive an invitation from HubSpot in a separate email for your educational portal, tentatively called "edu.com". Please accept that invitation within 24 hours before the link expires.
2. After accepting the invitation and activating your account, you can rename your portal. 
Now it's time to add your students!
1. Follow these steps to add your students as users and send them this powerpoint so they know what to expect when activating their accounts.
2. Give your students permissions to edit and create within your portal following these steps.
NOTE: Students can only utilize your EPP enterprise software if they are added to your account, even if they already have a HubSpot account.
Ready to assign some certifications?
1. Follow these steps to assign certifications to your students.
2. Check out all of our certifications here and toggle the "show only certifications" button to "on".
Need some inspiration on which certifications to start?
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