One-on-one support for Curriculum Development

HubSpot's Education Partner Program is happy to work with professors one-on-one to develop their curriculum using the tools and resources that are offered as part of the program. We've had multiple success stories result from these types of partnerships. For example, check out this page to see what colleges and universities have done in partnership with us! 

If you would like to discuss course development, teaching strategies, or anything else that you think could benefit from a closer partnership between your institution and HubSpot, please reach out to us at to chat. We're happy to answer questions like:

  • Who in my country or region is doing what I'm doing? Can you connect us? 
  • So, I want to teach my students _______, where do I begin? 
  • I need to teach a soup-to-nuts overview of HubSpot in 4 hours - where should I start? 
  • This is the syllabus I have so far - am I missing something?